Park Place Hotel is constantly reviewing our hotel and restaurant policies to ensure we are open and operating in line with government guidelines. Please ensure you check the guidance for a fully comprehensive overview.

For our international customers we recommend you review the regulations as listed in your Foreign Office or equivalent guidelines prior to travel.  If your booking is affected by any restriction changes, please get in touch as we are happy to provide you with options to amend or cancel your booking.

The rules listed below are in line with Kenya as the applicable jurisdiction. Please visit for the latest updates and guidelines.


The safety of our guests and team members is our number one priority. This is why we have implemented extra precautions as part of our Park Place Promise to ensure our hotel and additional facilities are clean, safe, and adhere to the latest government guidance.

For our varied facilities we have adapted our policies to ensure that all our guests whether dining or residing in our hotel accommodation are kept safe.

Entrance to the Premises

We have adapted our policies in line with the government guidance and kindly request all guests to follow the following;

  1. All guests to Park Place are required to always wear a mask whilst they are in the public shared spaces.
  2. All guests are advised to use the hand sanitisers readily available and stationed in various points within the hotel, restaurant, bar and garden areas.
  3. All dining guests may take off their masks whilst seated and are requested to wear it should they need to leave the table to access separate facilities.

Restaurant dining

Park Place Hotel has ample indoor and outdoor space to ensure that all our guests are seated within safe dining social distance from other diners.  We have enhanced cleaning practices that are in place throughout the restaurant and every table is cleaned and remains unoccupied for some time between visits. Paper menus are replaced after each use and cashless payment is also in place so you can dine safely and comfortably.

Conference Room

In addition to regular cleaning, we have implemented the same sanitisation policies of high frequency areas within these facilities. We encourage the users of these facilities to regularly sanitise their hands.

Swimming pool and Gardens

These facilities are open to our guests. We would appreciate our guests to follow the social distancing guidelines whilst within these areas. Kindly contact the reception desk should you have any additional requirements.



We would like to assure our guests the utmost care is being carried out in each of our rooms to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness are adhered to by our housekeeping team. In addition, we have a policy that maintains a minimum twenty four hour vacancy gap to ensure each room has been thoroughly cleaned and ventilated in line with best practice. Kindly CONTACT the reception desk should you have any additional requests that would make your stay all the more memorable.

Checking-in and social distancing

Kindly minimise contact at reception by keeping in line with social distancing measures in place. Hand sanitiser is available in public areas.

Hygiene and anti-viral sanitising spray

We have adapted more frequent cleaning of high-touch areas, such as door handles and handrails, check-in desks and the bar areas with disinfectants approved to be effective against Coronavirus. In our bedrooms, we are paying special attention to air conditioning and heating controls, TV remotes, door handles, desks, and chairs.


Every single member of our house keeping team has been trained to a high standard and are diligent in ensuring they continue to pay special attention to high frequency and contact areas.

Bed linen and towels

Our laundry services ensure all our linen and towels are cleaned at over 60°C to thermally disinfect at high temperatures. We have ensured these additional steps are carried out so you can enjoy a safe and great night’s sleep.

Protective equipment for our staff

  1. We provide all our team members with protective equipment including gloves, aprons, face masks and hand sanitiser.
  2. We are continuously updating our guidelines for our teams in-line with government advice. We are also empowering our team members, where appropriate, with the choice to wear the protective equipment provided.

What to do should you feel sick

  1. On the onset of any symptoms, kindly contact the reception desk and stay in your room until you receive further guidance.
  2. Kindly monitor development of symptoms: Fever, cough, shortness of breath and update the reception desk, we will also keep an open channel of contact with you should your symptoms escalate.
  3. As required by the Kenya Covid-19 guidelines, prompt medical attention should be sought if you become ill. Call the health care worker at the quarantine site or 719 for care. Kindly alert the reception desk should you require further assistance with this.